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Oracle Database Resource Manager 11g - Undocumented New Parameters

I've played around with Oracle Database Resource Manager in 10g and it's quite nice and might be very useful for high CPU usage systems, but I found the inability to limit I/O as a drawback since in most cases I've faced the need to limit I/O is more necessary than CPU limit.

When you have, let's say, 8 CPU's on your machine, you need all the 8 to be 100% utilized by Oracle sessions for the resource manager start limit sessions

How to enable SSL for Agile Proxy server

Following the last post about Agile PLM - Web Proxy Server Installation, in this post I'll show how to enable SSL for Agile Proxy server to make Web access to Agile more secure.

Apply the SSL certificate

  1. Have a signed SSL certificate file (.pfx file) from a Well-known Certificate Authorities (such as VeriSign)
  2. Login to the Agile Proxy server with administrator user
  3. Navigate to: Start -> Administrative Tools -> Internet information services (IIS) Manager
  4. Right click on Agile PLM Web Site -> properties -> Select the Directory Security tab

  5. Click on Server Certificate -> next

  6. Select Import a certificate from a .pfx file -> next

  7. Enter Path and file name of the certificate file (.pfx file) -> next

  8. Enter the password for the certificate -> next

Update the iFS_External File Manager

  1. Open the Agile Java Client
  2. Select 'Admin' Tab -> expand 'Server Settings' -> open 'Locations'
  3. Select the 'File Manager' tab -> Double click on the iFS_External file manager
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